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Malay Road Toponyms 11

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It has been a long journey for me. Its really not easy to document each and every Malay street name in Singapore. The locations are remote, and going there is very much a chore. At times, I do feel like giving up completely.

But the show must go on.

Jalan Batu Nilam
     جالن باتو نيلم

Jalan Batu Nilam is located off Elizabeth Drive within Hillview Estate. Batu Nilam is Malay for "sapphire". The road first appeared on maps in 1963.

Jalan Binjal
  جالن بينجال

Located off Haig Road, Jalan Binjai is a short minor lane flanked by 50s era landed houses. Named after a fruit, Binjai is a Malay word for jack, white mango (Mangifera caesia)

Jalan Beringin
    جالن بريڠين

Jalan Beringin is a short minor road located off Haig Road. It currently houses 50s era landed houses. The road is named after a tree known in Malay as "Pokok Ara Beringin". In English it is translated to Weeping fig (Ficus benjamina). There is also a Jalan Waringin in Jalan Senang Estate. Waringin is also the same meaning as "beringin" but in the older spelling.

Jalan Bukit Ho Swee
   جالن بوكيت هو سوياي

Rebuilt after the Bukit Ho Swee Fire in 1961, the road was simply known previously as "Bukit Ho Swee". During those days, kampongs and attap houses littered the landscape of the Tiong Bahru area. Jalan Bukit Ho Swee and its surroundings today are a legacy of HDB's beginnings. Bukit Ho Swee was named in honor of Tay Ho Swee (1834-1903), an influential Chinese opium and spirit farmer, timber merchant and ship owner. It also spawned another road named "Taman Ho Swee".

Jalan Bukit Merah
   جالن بوكيت ميره

Previously a small dirt track in the early 60s, Jalan Bukit Merah was first widen and paved in 1962 before it was officially opened in December 15th 1963 by then Minister of Labor, Jek Yeun Thong. Today, Jalan Bukit Merah is a major arterial road road running through Bukit Merah or Redhill (Yes, Bukit Merah has two names). In 1955, Bukit Merah is an area of many town 'firsts'. From SIT flats being build, to having its own bus interchange, swimming complex and theater. The origin to the name "Bukit Merah" is an interesting one.

According to the Sejarah Melayu (Malay Annals), Singapore used to be plagued by swordfish attacking the people living in the coastal regions. A young boy proposed an solution, to build a wall of banana stems along the coast. (At present day Tanjong Pagar, which also takes its name from the barricade) When the swordfish attacked, their snouts were stuck in the stems. With the swordfish problem solved, the boy earned great respect from the people, but also jealousy from the ruler. The Maharaja, finally ordered his execution, The boy lived on top of a hill, so that night, the assassins murdered him in his sleep and all of his blood flowed into the hill, hence the name "Bukit Merah".

Jalan Datoh
  جالن داتوءه

Datoh, also spelled as "datuk", "dato" or "datok" could mean "grandfather". In Malayan culture, it is also used as a title awarded by the sultans. Jalan Datoh is located off Balestier Road and serves as an address for the condominium units there.
(Source: National Heritage Board - Balestier Heritage Trail)

Jalan Kilang, Jalan Kilang Timor, Jalan Kilang Barat
     جالن كيلڠ بارت               جالن كيلڠ تيمور             جالن كيلڠ

Jalan Kilang, Jalan Kilang Timor and Jalan Kilang Barat forms the backbone of the Redhill Industrial Estate ran by JTC Corporation. Built sometime in the 60s, Kilang is Malay for "Factory", while "Timor" and "Barat" is "East" and "West" respectively. True to its name, it does house factory buildings in the vicinity.

Jalan Klinik
   جالن كلينيك

The former street sign of "Jalan Klinik".
Located within Bukit Ho Swee and off Jalan Bukit Ho Swee, Jalan Klinik serves as an access road into the HDB estate there. The name, "Klinik" is the Malay word for 'Clinic" as there was formerly an actual clinic at the end of the road. The site was also the third phase of HDB flats to be built at the Bukit Ho Swee area after the fire. Today, no road sign bares the name "Jalan Klinik" as its function has been reduced to be a HDB carpark. But the address of the blocks are still recognized as Jalan Klinik.

Jalan Kukoh
   جالن كوكوه

Jalan Kukoh is a short lane off Chin Swee Road. It is also the access road into the HDB estates there. Kukoh means "strong" in Malay.

Jalan Membina
     جالن ممبينا

In the aftermath of the fire, Jalan Membina was part of the Bukit Ho Swee redevelopment in the 60s. Located off Tiong Bahru Road, the road was originally named as "Jalan Mebinakan in 1960. Mebinakan means "to rebuild" in Malay. It was shortened to "Membina" soon after. "Jalan Phoenix" was also considered, but ultimately, "Membina" was selected. There was also a road nearby named "Jalan Membina Barat". It has since been expunged as it is now a HDB carpark.

Jalan Minyak
     جالن ميڽق

Located off York Hill, near Chin Swee Road, Jalan Minyak serves as an address for the HDB estates there. Minyak in Malay means "oil".

Jalan Raja Udang
     جالن راج أودڠ

Located off Balestier Road along the Malay side, Jalan Raja Udang currently houses condominium estates. Raja Udang is the Malay word for Kingfisher. (Source: National Heritage Board - Balestier Heritage Trail)

Jalan Remaja
    جالن رماج

Jalan Remaja is located within Hillview Estate, off Hillview Avenue. The road is flanked by private houses. Remaja in English means "teenager". The road first appeared on maps in 1969.

Jalan Rumah Tinggi
     جالن رومه تيڠڬي

Built sometime in the 60s, aftermath of the Bukit Ho Swee Fire, Jalan Rumah Tinggi is an uphill road flanked with HDB flats along its sides. Jalan Rumah Tinggi is translated to "High House Road" in English.

Jalan Tan Tock Seng
     جالن تن توچق سڠ

Famously known for the man and the namesake hospital alongside it, Jalan Tan Tock Seng surprisingly existed way before the hospital was relocated there from Moulmein Road in 1999. Named after Tan Tock Seng (1798-1850), the path was previously unnamed. Sometime in the 60s, when the old TTSH shifted to Moulmein Road, this nearby path took on the name Jalan Tan Tock Seng, after the hospital. When It became clear that the hospital was needed to be expanded, it moved to its current premises just next to the namesake road. There is also another road named "Tan Tock Seng Link" spawned from this road.

Jalan Tembusu
   جالن تمبوسو

A short minor lane off Haig Road, Jalan Tembusu is named after the Tembusu Tree (Fagrea elliptica). Surrounded by landed houses, the road is a crescent, linking Jalan Beringin, Jalan Gagus and Jalan Binjai. It is also interesting to note that there is a Tembusu Road, Tembusu Drive, Tembusu Crescent and Tembusu Avenue within Jurong Island. These roads have no relation to this Jalan Tembusu.

Jalan Tiong
    جالن شنڬ

Build sometime during the aftermath of the Bukit Ho Swee Fire, Jalan Tiong is located off Commonwealth Avenue West. Burung Tiong in English refers to Myna.

Jalan Zamrud
    جالن زمرود

Jalan Zamrud is located within Hillview Estate and is flanked by the private houses there. Zamrud is the Malay word for emerald. The road first appeared on maps in 1963.

Lengkok Bahru
     لڠكوق بهرو

Lengkok Bahru, translated to "New Crescent" named sometime during the 60s at the height of when street names were named in Malay.

Lorong Kemunchup
    لوروڠ كمونچوڤ

Lorong Kemunchup is located within Hillview Estate. Rumput kemuncup as it is current spelled, is a grass commonly known as lesser spear grass. Lorong Kemunchup had private houses flanked along side it.

Taman Ho Swee
   تامن هو سوياي

Taman Ho Swee is the access road and entrance into Bukit Ho Swee View, a HDB estate. The road was built during the aftermath of the Bukit Ho Swee Fire. Today, no road sign bares the name "Taman Ho Swee".

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